Having struggled for many years with the spirit of addiction in my own life, God has blessed me to have received my deliverance.  The path to receiving that deliverance is available to everyone.


In our Christians in Recovery Program, we uncover the spiritual principles that lie just beneath the surface of the God inspired, biblically derived, 12 step recovery principle.


Each week, we discuss an individual step.  Identify the spiritual principle of that step, then use the word of God to support that principle.  Recovery, in a word, is change.  Real, lasting change can occur through identifying and adopting the Godly principles revealed in this process into our lives.


Come, join us.  We meet every Thursday night at 7pm.  The program is currently located at:


Higher Power Outreach Church

1200 12th Court

Phenix City, AL 36867


For more information, give us a call at BiCity Medical Ministries: