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NEW YORK LA - 05-Jan-17


NEW YORK SD - 31-Dec-16


CA - 19-Sep-16

Please Pray For The Real Solution to America's Unsolvable Problems:

Here is what I believe is a overlooked way to spiritual victory that nobody's thought of, but it can, and should be ours, if we'll only ask for it. It's what America was founded on, Jubilee. See the link below for why it's ours and how we should pray for it.

(Now with a click/link to a Tribute & Eulogy to The 1st Christian Martyred By ISIS on American Soil)

PS: If you find the information about a Christian American Jubilee intriguing, by all means forward this to all your friends. We just might have a great awakening.

NEW YORK IA - 13-Aug-16


NEW YORK LA - 09-Aug-16


NORFOLK VA - 09-Jul-16

Please call I'm a member of this church since I was 11 years of age it was coming to your service tomorrow and had a few questions if you can give me a call back I will gladly appreciate it thank you have a blessed day.


I am a former member that grew up in the church. My mother Senie Moore is still a member/deaconess there. Due to some recent financial issues I became affiliated with a telemarketing company called 5LINX. The company offers customers and businesses products and services they already have at sometimes cheaper prices. They also offer a business opportunity that will put some extra money back in the customer's pocket at the end of each month. I was wondering if a representative from the company had spoken to the church about what the business has to offer the church and the community. If not, would it be possible for someone from the company to come in and give a short briefing one Sunday? Please contact me and let me know. God Bless. I tried using the Contact Us option on the site and kept getting an error.

NORFOLK VA - 04-Jun-15

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