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DETROIT MI - 26-Sep-16

My husband name is Darryl Talley and we need to find a church home and we want to know how to live in our Marriage the way God wants us to please pray for us and we have four children who we need to set examples for spiritual direction

OAK PARK MI - 23-Nov-15

Help me to pray over my teenage children and a better job with more finances to help with everyday living

DETROIT MI - 03-Nov-15

Dear Pastor Bolden, if it's not too much. I ask that you pray for Christopher Joseph Louis Poole Jr. and his family, especially his mom fighting cancer. Also I ask that you pray or even bring us both to pray together, whatever works for your schedule. When I first met Christopher he was an awesome friend and developing into an outstanding man with a very strong spirit with God. We recently got baptized in the beginning of October together, overall that's the man I love. Nowadays, his heart needs healing from watching his mom battle cancer, I ask you to pray for that alone. Far as our relationship, it has went downhill but we are both young and sometimes people need space to grow,that's the scenario we are in. Honestly I want to focus this 2nd prayer on our friendship, where it all began and watching him how he reacts to church, I view him as one day to be a powerful man. Recently between you and I, I am a woman and have a strong instinct that he has just been influenced by the wrong people and has easily been distracted. He doesn't listen to me anymore like he used to, he walks with his head down instead of high like he used to, He hasn't been faithful to attended choir rehearsal which he was so excited about. Of course, I am sad that my relationship with him has went totally down hill; but I am strong enough to keep moving forward without him. It's heart breaking, but the biggest heart break inthis is watching a man I seen potential in get sucked in a situation bynegative people or people that are no where near like minded as him. Just pray or even reach out to Chris Poole because I know when he doesn't listen to me, he always finds a way to listen to God. Thank you, I really would appreciate that soooo much. I am a hard woman to keep in contact with because of my work schedule, but if it's not too much can you send me an email back.

AL - 03-Nov-15

DETROIT MI - 27-Aug-14

Thank God!

COLUMBUS GA - 27-Aug-14

Testing prayer request

X AL - 27-Aug-14