Our First Lady


1st. Lady Leora Turner, the youngest daughter of an Army veteran who met the love of his life, her mother while stationed in New York. They moved to Mississippi where they married. After the birth of 5 children, they had one more. Leora was born January 10th. Her name is Hebrew meaning : "Light to Me !". Her father decided to move back to New York when she was just 8 months. Leora began taking dance lessons by age 6. She continued by taking dancing lessons in ballet.  She also took African and folk dance. She also took lessons at the Loews Theatre on W. 125th St. She took part in dance recitals held at the World Famous "Apollo Theatre". At the age of 8, she started dancing in Central Park West in Manhattan.

She attended Harriet Tubman school on 35th St &St.Nicholas Ave.She gave her life to Christ at Refuge Temple by age 11. When she turned 14, she began working as a youth counselor @ Lexington Bible College. She grew up in Greater Refuge Temple pastored by Bishop Bonner. She began to sing on the youth choir. She began working as a Nursing Assistant at the Fordham Arms Shelter in the Bronx. She won trophies and awards for Latino dancing, her specialties were the "Hustle" and Salsa dancing. After coming to Baltimore to help her Sister, she prayed to God that he make her a professional dancer. She awakened one night doing a new dance. A Praise Dance. God had made her into a "Praise Dancer". 1st Lady Leora Turner is the cousin of one of America's most famous civil rights activist, the legendary Fannie Lou Hamer. The great emancipator from Mississippi. In 1990 she joined a local Gospel choir called..."The Praise Community Choir". 

They travelled the U.S. singing on many concerts and church services. She stayed until 2004 when she met and married the choir's 1st. Minister of Music...Pastor Steven "MusicMan" Turner. Yes they married in just 7 months. On July 31st. they will celebrate 11 years of marriage. She now serves as a Pastor's Wife, Executive Vice President of Destiny Changers, an Evangelist in Training, a Grandmother, Mother, Wife, Businesswoman, and a Virtuous Woman of God !!!