Our History


First Baptist Church Campostella
Est. 1889

"Upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against." Matthew 16:28

On February 27, 1889, the deed for the Ebenezer Baptist Church was acknowledged and admitted to the records. Thus, the initial step was taken in building a sanctuary that would withstand the toils of time.

The first building, which had a membership of 17, was a framed structure consisting of a dozen or so benches. These benches were made of boards nailed to the leg supports of the same material. Kerosene lamps provided light during this time. The Reverend David Jennings was pastor, and at that time preached only on the fourth Sunday of each month. The church grew in grace and number. With the increase in membership, remodeling and expansion became necessary. The church was filled with the exuberance of youth and new faces.

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