Near the close of the Nineteenth Century, a band of Christian believers, only seventeen in number, organized in an old house on the corner of Fourth Avenue and Sixth Street and called themselves the Friendship Baptist Church.  The ministers who took part in this organization were Rev. Henry Wright, Rev. Allen Miles, Rev. Henry Threatt, and Rev. Alberdeen McCall. 

The following brethren were the first deacons:  Alexander Kendrix, Sam Colbert, and Samuel Cooper.  Some of the first members were Sisters Anna Kendrix, Emeline Foster, and others whose names are not recorded.  In 1892, the year in which the church was organized, this small band of members called Rev. Henry Wright as their Pastor and set sail on their voyage.


  • Reverend Henry Wright, 1892 -1896
  • Reverend J.S. Kelsey, 1897 - 1901
  • Reverend C.H. Young, 1901 - Six months
  • Reverend R.K. Paschal, 1901 - 1944
  • Reverend A.W. Fortson, 1944 - 1967
  • Reverend W.H. Smith, 1968 - 1974
  • Reverend James H. Carter, 1975 - 1978
  • Reverend Emmett S. Aniton, Jr., 1979 - Present