Biggest Loser Contest 2019

Date:Sep 01,2019 thru Oct 27,2019      12:00 AM

Biggest Loser Weight Loss Challenge! 

 We pray this will be a life changing experience for all who choose to participate. It is an opportunity to figure out what techniques work best for your personal weight loss goals. It’s a great time to get active and become a better YOU!  Please take note of our contest rules below.



Contest Rules


*The contest begins 9/1/19 and ends 10/27/19.


*The initial weigh-in will be held on 9/11/19 (waist measurements will be taken as well).


*The final weigh-in will be held on 10/27/19 (waist measurements will be taken as well).


*Your weight and measurements will remain completely confidential.


*The registration fee for each team is $40.00.  The deadline to turn in your registration fee is 9/15/19.


*Each team will be made up of no more than 3 individuals.


*Each team must have a designated captain.


*Weight loss will be scored based on the number of pounds lost collectively by the team. In the event of a tie, waist measurements will be used.


*We encourage each participant to take advantage of our private Facebook page and other resources that will provide information, motivation, and encouragement.


*The winning team will be awarded $150.00 at the end of the challenge!