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Vision and Mission


Faith Christian Church and International Outreach Center is a Christ-Governed, Word Inspired, Mission oriented, Full Gospel Church. The Family & Worship are integral parts of the ministry. 

God has called this local body and given us a vision of reaching out around the world to His people through total ministry. He has commissioned us to meet the needs of His people in every area of their lives, to minister salvation, healing, reconciliation, restoration, praise and worship.

We refer to ourselves as:

  • A word church
  • A family fellowship
  • A praise and worship center
  • Reaching out in Jesus' name

 Our objective is to minister to the total man and community.  Whether individually or corporately, our goal is to be apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, pastoral, and teaching (Ephesians 4:10-16).

Goal 1: Apostolic- reaching the world with the Gospel by being training, sending, supporting body; i.e., mission (long-term), by establishing churches as the Holy Spirit directs (short-term), and by parenting those works.

Goal 2: Prophetic - abiding as an anointed, revelatory, end-time church in our worship experience (praise, worship, instruments); in our prayer life (bands of intercessors); in our Word ministry (the gifts of the Spirit in operation in an orderly way).

Goal 3: Evangelistic - reaching the lost locally with the Gospel through monthly community services (inviting friends to services), through camps, through sports, through other adult and teen activities.

Goal 4: Pastoral - loving, caring, tending, and restoring by hands-on pastoral care from Pastors, Elders, Deacons, by home cell groups; by development of a sound counseling ministry; by establishing new believers; by leadership development, thus increasing our pastoral care; by youth, women , and men ministries.

Goal 5: Teaching - providing biblical, balanced, spiritual, relevant teaching through relevant Sunday morning and Sunday evening teaching, through Discipleship Group efforts, in Foundational Bible Classes, and through Christian education for every age.