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Apostolic Network


Fellowship of Prophetic Churches and Ministries

The primary goal of the Fellowship is to assist and enable pastors in developing their own pastoral skills as well as helping them to identify and develop leaders within their own fellowship. The intent of the members should be to unite in the love of Christ for the souls of men and to serve one another in a genuine spirit of fellowship and concern.



  1. To provide an avenue of unity, strength, and fellowship;
  2. To help establish FPCM members in the ministry to which God has called them;
  3. To assist member pastors in meeting Ministry goals and objectives;
  4. To supply a vehicle through which counsel could be given to a member for the purpose of encouraging accuracy and soundness in doctrine, procedure, ethics, and conduct;
  5. To initiate and maintain means through which legitimate ministry projects of FPCM members may be presented to the FPCM membership for consideration and/or support (i.e., missionary endeavors, disaster relief, ministry to the poor and destitute, etc.);
  6. To assist in producing strong, capable, and ethical ministerial leadership in the Body of Christ; and
  7. To provide current ministerial information to the FPCM membership.

Visit the FPCM Website at www.fpcm.org