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2015 Prophetic Word


Word of the Lord Spoken through
Dr. Decker H. Tapscott, Sr.
on New Year's Eve

Are your plans and intentions in life birthed out of the soil of God dreams and God visions? Do you really know how God wants to perfect and effect His plans in your life? To be truly successful in life is not about making resolutions at the beginning of each year but, to have the entwining plans of God as the foundation for all that you do. It was in a vision that The Lord spoke to Habakkuk, which changed his outlook, engendered faith and gave him a song.

Let this not be just a year, but a time that you allow The Lord to give you eyes that are anointed to see, let Him exhale upon you and His promises to you, allowing His breath to give animation to what He has spoken. Abraham had put the promise of his seed blessing the nations on the shelf of hopelessness and would settle for just someone in his house but God appears, changes his name by adding Himself, thereby enabling what was hopeless to become a reality. God wants to do that for you.

He wants to turn your hopelessness into faith and confidence. Be understanding that you can't bring them to pass. Your ability to Arise, Produce and prevail is not by might or power but by His Spirit.  Then your success will not be measured by how much, but by well done!