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Inner Circle Broadcasting Station is excited about our new and improved staff of  the best Online Radio Personalities in the World.  ICBS was founded by Pastor Mack June 18, 2009.  Our love for Jesus and Ministry is our sole reason for coming together to minister to people all over the world. 

ICBS Story!

It was a normal day and night in May 2009, I was on the phone expressing my love for music and how much enjoyment I got out of lifting people up.   That night while sleeping I had a dream.  In that dream I saw nothing but people and they were all gathered to hear me preach and sing.  I could not recognize the location nor could I see the people's faces, all I knew is that there were thousands of people clapping, knodding, patting their feet, and saying amen.  When it was time for me to speak I made my way to the front of this place and began to lean on the wall, when I leaned over I began to fall but I caught myself.

When I woke up out of my dream   I was puzzled and  wondered what in God's name was that about.   After praying for about 30 minutes I knew it was the Holy Spirit Revealing the Dream to me.   I would minister to thousands of people whom I never met nor have seen in a place that has no boundaries and 24/7.

 It was the beginning of ICBS Radio.  We lauched our first broadcast with only three Radio Personalities and have grown  to Nine.  We are happy that you chose us to listen to.  Click on the names on the left and read more about our staff.  God bless you and keep you is our prayer.
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