Sunday Hours Of Power


Pastors & Ministers! 

My name is Carolyn Witcher ministry coordinator for Jran Studios and InnerCircle Broadcasting Station

Flint, Mi division.

"Hours of Power" 60 minutes of church service that will bless the entire world.

Pastors That You Have Heard and Will Hear: 

  • Pastor Kate McVeigh
  • Pastor Raymond Chandler
  • Pastor Elijah Simmons
  • Pastor Virgil Jones
  • Pastor Michael Fisher
  • Pastor Sonja Dawson
  • Pastor Patrick Sanders
  • Bishop M. C. Akins
  • Pastor Robert Davis
  • Pastor Anthony McCardell

 InnerCircle is a 24 hour all gospel/music radio station format is music, poetry, sermons, teaching, comedy, interviews, news and talk. You can listen to learn more by tuning in to headquarters frequency band111.3fm Los Angeles, California or all over the world. Apps available @, or enter in your browser.

InnerCircle is asking churches and or ministries to become a part of this worldwide ministry for those that will Broadcast your services on Sundays from 7:00 Am Til Midnight.

All we need from your ministry is 60 minutes of church service with the message on hardcopy dvd or cd mailed to 3106 W. Pasadena Flint, Mi 48504 or electronically through by we will take care of open/close for the ministries and forward airing time.

Any questions please phone us 8108698351/18009288164

Like us on facebook Innercbs or Carolyn Witcher According to Romans 10:9-10, we also believe that one day Jesus is coming back for his people that is why we need to Watch, Fight, & Pray. We are honored and very happy to be able to bring to you 750,000+ invisible audience the word through media and music. Thank you very much we are all INNERCIRCLE... Pastor Anthony McCardell CEO

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