90 Days Water Challenge

Date:October 08,2020 thru October 11,2020      12:00 AM

Join Prophet Carn and KCC for a 90 Day Water Challenge as we become committed to a healthier lifestyle! For the next 90 days drink plain water with your meals and throughout the day to reach your 1 gallon a day goal. (Plain Water only. No fruits, vegetables or flavors are to be added to your water during this challenge)

Prophet Carn also admonished us to build up our immune system, because the next strand of COVID-19 will be worse than the first. Use these next 90 days to begin to store food and grow food because a famine is coming; store enough to last for 6 months. (Meats, canned goods, non-perishable items, water, etc). The Word of the Lord is to prepare now.