Our Vision


The Vision

To cultivate, nurture and motivate believers to operate in divine purpose by pursuing and achieving Christian excellence through the preaching of the hope of eternal salvation, the teaching of the transforming power of God's word, and by demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ, his Son.

The Mission

Through dedication, perseverance and faith we strive to achieve purpose and excellence through preaching, teaching and reaching thereby fulfilling our mandate to minister locally, impact nationally and reach globally.

Our VISION will be accomplished and MISSION fulfilled as we individually and collectively pursue Christian EXCELLENCE through this process:
  • Evangelize the unchurched
  • X-perience, extol and exalt Christ in our worship
  • Carry out the mission of Christ
  • Equip, educate and empower believers with sound biblical principles and scriptural knowledge
  • Leverage the available Christian education opportunities, resources and preached word to facilitate and enhance our Christian walk
  • Lead by example
  • Encourage and disciple believers to share the good news of salvation
  • Nurture the hurting and broken
  • Cultivate an environment that reflects and represents Christ
  • Embrace our holistic vision

  • Youth
  • Member
  • Prayer
  • eGiving