C.A.R.E Development


C.A.R.E (Cultural Arts, Recreation and Economic) Development is a non-profit arm of Living Fountain Christian Centre created to provide positive programming geared toward increasing the quality of living for the growing urban and racially diverse, ethnocultural population. It will serve as a liaison between the corporate sector and the urban community: guiding corporations and foundations in their placement of charitable giving and providing programming that benefits the less fortunate.
In collaboration with other community partners, C.A.R.E strives to create societal improvement, health awareness, creative arts development, recreational activities, life skills training and economic empowerment programs. Our efforts include but are not limited to: 
  • Music and Arts Training/Seminars
  • Choir Competitions 
  • Academic Mentorship and Tutoring
  • Local Spelling Bee Competitions
  • Food/Clothing Give-a-Way
  • Financial Wellness Seminars
  • Youth engagement and mentoring Initiatives
  • Youth/Senior drop in programs
  • Senior support groups/centre
    Job readiness programs
Other developing C.A.R.E Initiatives and Programs include:
  •       Scholarship Program
  •          Partnership with local youth shelters
  •          Youth counseling programs
  •          After school and weekend programs
  •          Youth Breakfast clubs at local schools
  •          Employment search assistance programs and workshops
  •          Volunteering at homeless shelters, nursing homes
  •          Partnership with Police to fight youth violence and drug abuse
  •          Feeding the Homeless
  •          Organizing Ongoing Food Bank and Clothing Drives 
  •          Coordinating Community Clean-Up Programs

  • Youth
  • Member
  • Prayer
  • eGiving