Marriage Ministry
Love Ministry Fellowship Church's marriage ministry was established to help couples enhance godly marriages.  Through sound biblical teaching couples are taught to take what's good and make it better.  And then working through what's better to the best that God has for them.  Covenant couples come together to purposely work through the process of strengthening their relationships through study and homework.

Bishop Smith has developed a curriculum, which couples who have studied can attest to, that will change every aspect of your marriage for the better.  No one goes through a marriage successfully by themselves.  It takes hard work and help from those who have walked the same path, learned from their mistakes and are willing to help others succeed. And if you have a heart to grow and a mind to work you should come out and be a part of the marriage ministry and see God perform miracles in your marriage.

Singles Ministry: Single, Saved and Satisfied
Single, Saved and Satisfied is Love Ministries Fellowship Church single's ministry.  Single, Saved and Satisfied provides a safe environment for all singles to come out and fellowship, have a good time, learn the Word of God and discover new and innovative ways to apply what they have learned to their daily lives. 

The single's ministry ministers to the whole person, spiritually and emotionally, including the areas of love, romance and dating; finances; communication; self-worth and receiving the love of God as a single.  God hasn’t forgotten the single person and He knows that singles development is one of the most important areas. 

With a solid teaching from the Word of God a single person can be affective for the Kingdom of God and change the world around them.  This all begins with a strong foundation and a strong group of people surrounding them for support.  That's what you'll find at Love Ministries Family Church.  Come join those who are Single, Saved and Satisfied and see your life change for the better.

Our Youth
Love S.E.A.L.S Youth Ministry!
Love S.E.A.L.S is an exciting and explosive youth ministry for young adults between the ages of 13-17.  S.E.A.L.S stands for Saved and Excited About the Lord.  This is a place where young people are not only taught the Word of God but trained to be victorious in their level of warfare.  They are taught to stand against peer pressure, drugs, sexual immorality, rebellion, insecurity and low levels of achievement.

The youth are facing situations that no other generation has had to face at their age.  To be empowered by the Word of God means to walk in victory in every area of their life.  The vision of Love Ministries Family Church is to see every Love S.E.A.L. find Gods plan for their life and walk in it with the power, dominion, and authority that no generation has ever walked in before.

Teens are taught key fundamental principles of God's Word, the most important for them being: prayer.  They are taught how to pray, how to develop a consistent prayer life, how to meditate in God's Word and apply His Word in everyday situations, and how to depend on the Holy Ghost.

Why Seals?
Seals are highly intelligent animals. Our approach in teaching our young people comes from the fact that we know they are fearfully and wonderfully made.  They are unique individuals and should be taught at an early age to see themselves the way God sees them.

Seals will attack due to their natural instinct to protect themselves, their young and their surroundings.  The enemy bombards today’s youth with emotions they are not mature enough to handle.  They are taught how to take those natural instincts, that seem to be jumbled up inside and explode out in anger, and focus that energy in productive ways.

Seals are thought to be lazy because they are often seen perched on rocks quietly sunning themselves.  However in the water they are highly active.  Most often when young people quit, things are going on deep inside they don't know how to express.

S.E.A.L.S are taught the art of communication in a safe environment.  So that when they feel a need to share their inner most thoughts they can do so without the fear of embarrassment or ridicule.

Seals are very curious and will follow boats to see what is going on aboard them. Today's youth are no different, curiosity drives them.  Living in the age of technology they are exposed to things that can capture and hold their interest.  This is why Love S.E.A.L.S has been established.  When we feed them a strong diet of the Word of God in a fun and safe environment they can grow to be the productive, out of the box thinkers they were created to be.