It is the vision of Love Ministries to build people of excellence, power, and purpose by teaching the uncompromising Word of God.  We minister to the entire family unit, delivering a refreshing Word from the Lord to husbands, wives, single adults, teenagers, and children.  By the example of excellence demonstrated through this ministry, we believe that people will be compelled to move out of mediocrity in every area of their lives.  Through the teaching and implementation of the Word, purpose & destiny will be realized in the lives of saints.  It is firmly established in the heart of our Senior Pastor to develop people as living epistles of the Word of God.  

The fruit will be the lives of the people transformed by the power of God and it shall remain!  

We hope that you will join us for one of our life-changing worship services where the awesome anointing upon this ministry will build you as a person of spiritual excellence as it "empowers you to impact your world!�