Understanding The Anointing ($20.00)

(2-disc series)

The Prophetic Word given by Bishop S. Terri Smith - You don't have time to be tripped up. You've got to be on time in your place in the spirit realm where God has ordained for you to be.

This is the most crucial time for all believers everywhere.  Understanding how to move with God is key to fulfilling end-time prophecy (personally and as the corporate Body). Understanding the Anointing of God breaks old habits and mind-sets which keep you from moving forward with purpose.

Proverbs 4:7 encourages every believer that with all thy getting get understanding. Bishop Smith helps us to see that play time is over. This teaching brings you face to face with some hard hitting questions about you, the Anointing of God, and your place as an end-time believer. If you are ready to move beyond your self-imposed limits this is the teaching for you.