Blessings and Miracles ($15.00)

(3-disc series)

For the Church the year 2012 has been marked as the year of prophetic destiny.  This means whatever prophetic word you have been holding onto will come to pass this year.  Believers everywhere are on the verge of what Bishop Smith has dubbed ‘A Net Breaking Blessing'.  This prophetic message is taken from Luke chapter 5, Jesus instructed Simon to…let down your net...Simon took in such a great catch his net begin to break.  What have you prayed for for so long that when you got to the brink of receiving it you found that like Simon your faith begin to break and the blessing begin to slip through?  In this series of messages Bishop Smith teaches you how to mend your nets and regain the faith that started you on this path.  There is no reason for any believer to miss out in this mighty move of God.  You must study to show yourself approved and watch the blessings of God flow right to you.