Welcome to Mount of Transfiguration. We count it a privilege and a joy that you have been led by the Spirit of the Lord to this website. We are pleased and humbled to have this opportunity to welcome you to the MOT family. If you desire to become a MOT member or partner with us there are classes and courses in place designed to aid you in becoming more acquainted with the MOT church family.

We endeavor through this ministry to make your transition a smooth one. Our aspiration is designed
to give you a good foundational understanding of the history and the vision of MOT and the Word of God.

Additionally, there is information included in this site concerning our goals, values, mission, our statement of faith ( What We Believe ) and much more.

Please note that you will get the most out of this ministry through partnering, reading and studying
the Word of God. Our prayer is that there is something in this website that can lead you to the goal of building  character, increasing your faith, removing any impossibilities, identifying your God giving purpose and empowering your life through the Word of God.

Thank you for allowing us to assist with your advancement in the Kingdom of God by transforming your mind and Developing you into a Champion !

God Bless you,

Dr. Norman Hardman