Our Pastor

Pastor Alphonzo Davis has a tremendous passion for God's Word coupled with a love for God's people. He has a contagious spirit of generosity that flows through every facet of ministry. Since receiving his mandate, Pastor Davis is obediently following his calling as Pastor of The Nazarene Baptist Church.

He is excited about what the Lord has done, is doing and what He will do to and through the Nazarene Baptist Church.

Nothing is more influential in shaping and molding our world than a yielded vessel to carry the message of Christ's hope and deliverance for all. These attributes are found in Pastor Davis.

He has been chosen to usher in a dynamic and powerful move of God. Like Nehemiah, he is not afraid of the assignment God has put in his hands to accomplish. His burning vision to see the lives of all mankind transformed by the revelation of God's Word is evident in his commitment to ministry and his lifestyle of holiness.

His Vision is to lead God's people on to victory, and bring to pass those things that will advance the predestinated plan of God by bring the Body of Christ together in Prayer, Praise and the Word of God. Tobuild and develop a kingdom of empowered people for God,holding firmly to the commissioned mandate in Matthew 28:18-20, "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations",  To Know Pastor Davis is to love him, his humbleness, his humor, sincerity, love of people, especially to those of the Household of Faith, and his dedication to the Lord makes him one man of God you will never forget.

It is Pastor Davis' prayer  that the preaching uttered from his lips be both an outreach and an in-reach to all that hear the Word and that the spoken Word be filled with compassion, revelation and a true deliverance experience that changes the lives of the masses.

Pastor Alphonzo M.Davis and his dedicated, committed companion in ministry, Antonia, have six lovely gifts from God, Darryl, Akeylah, Noah, Nylah, Indyah and Ashirah.

"For the Priests lips should keep knowledge; for he is the messenger of the Lord of Hosts"
-Malachi 2:7