Our History

Nazarene Baptist Church, named in remembrance of Jesus of Nazareth, grew out of The First Baptist Church of Belair, Maryland on Sunday, May 3, 1942.  This group was set apart with a roll call of eight members.  Nazarene Baptist Church was organized in May 1942 by the late Rev. William Ashley Hall.  Built in 1874, the Church was formerly known as Harford Avenue Methodist Church Extension.  The former parishioners moved, stripping the building, placing it up for sale or rent.  The original sale price was $10,000.00.  Rev. Hall made arrangements to rent the building for the amount of $45.00 per month with the first option to buy.  Before the first service could be held, major repairs and installations had to be made.

Nazarene Baptist Church incorporated on March 24, 1944, the mortgage was burned in 1979 and the ground was purchased in 1981.

On March18, 1981, Rev. William Ashley Hall was called home to be with the Lord.  Under the direction of the chairman of the Deacons, Deacon Willie Johnson of Nazarene Baptist Church interviewed several prospective ministers.

Among those interviewed was Rev. James Thompson who was recommended by his pastor Dr. Harold A. Carter, Sr., Pastor of New Shiloh Baptist Church and the church unanimously agreed upon Rev. James Thompson.

On July 18th 1981, Reverend Thompson accepted the pastorate of the Nazarene Baptist Church and began to pastor on August 2, 1981.  Pastor Thompson was officially installed on December 6, 1981 thus becoming the second pastor in the history of the Nazarene Baptist Church.
Under Reverend Thompson's leadership and guidance an Evangelism and Christian Education Ministry began. Persons announced their call to the ministerial ranks and were licensed. Eight sons and four daughters were birthed into the ministry.

In 2007, Rev. James Thompson and some of the officers of the Nazarene Baptist church, met with the Baltimore City Commission for Historical and Architectural Preservation (CHAP) and by a unanimously endorsed motion, the commission confirmed that the church met criteria #1 and #4 of its standards for Landmark Designation.  Nazarene met the CHAP standard for a historic structure and as of April 2009, the Nazarene Baptist Church became a Baltimore City historical site.

On December 4, 2010 Reverend Thompson met with the officers to discuss his successor upon his retirement which would be in the year 2011. On December 21, 2010, a church-wide meeting was held and at this meeting Reverend Thompson asked the congregation the same question concerning his replacement upon his retirement and the members agreed that Reverend Thompson should select his successor.

On May 21, 2011, an open Council was held in Nazarene Baptist Church to consider ordaining-Minister Alphonzo M. Davis.  The purpose of callingthis ordination council together was to ordain Minister Alphonzo M. Davis in order for him to-properly receive the mantle from Pastor James Thompson to become the next Pastor of the Nazarene Baptist Church upon his (Reverend Thompson's) retirement.

On July 31st, 2011 Reverend James Thompson officially passed the Pastoral Mantle to Reverend Alphonzo M. Davis. Now the vision continues with Pastor Davis who is one of the sons of Nazarene.