Blossoming of Souls



The Blossoming of Souls Initiative (BOSI) was founded in 2000 by Elder Tasha Wilkerson to encourage young ladies from urban communities to create an action plan that would promote self sufficiency, academic enrichment, career development and business ownership among females. The program helps to develop the ladies' spiritual, physical, mental and interpersonal goals.  This is accomplished by implementing interactive sessions; celebrations; and follow up sessions. 

After participating in the BOSI program, women and young ladies will:

  • Be empowered to change their current paths to a more fulfilled life
  • Create tangible plans to change or redirect their behavior to produce positive results
  • Develop skills to deal with emotions, and address life issues in a positive way
  • Establish positive relationships with adults and peers
  • Write an action plan that will include immediate goals to help accomplish future endeavors
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