NKC History


New Kingdom Church is a non-denominational word of faith ministry. Apostle Wilkerson received a vision from God to start a ministry in the Austin area on the border of the Austin and Oak Park communities.

The assignment was not only to start a ministry but also to have its focus on working with youth and adults that are lost and seeking sound teaching and instructions. To give youth and adults opportunities that others would not, to listen to their issues and provide solutions, to create social, exciting and enriching activities, and most importantly to reach out to the UN-reached.

The assignment was clear and God knew that Apostle Wilkerson could and would do the job. However, he did not have the tools, resources, or finances to begin this mission; therefore, Apostle Wilkerson prayed and God told him to just do what I say and look in the Oak Park area, your place of worship is there. The Apostle and Lady Tasha looked at several places, with no avail. God through his precious Holy Spirit sent a message to the couple to contact the Austin Boulevard Church. Hallelujah! GOD came through once again and placed the ministry in the beautiful church with minimum cost.

God through his wise Holy Spirit lead the couple to develop a clear vision, be structured, train members to be leaders, train members the meaning of salvation, and how to work in your God given gift. In the midst of all this wonderful work GOD blessed the ministry with an associate Pastor and his family and other dedicated members who bought the same vision and energy to the ministry.

New Kingdom Church has made many accomplishments since its birth into the ministry. Here are several of our notable accomplishments:
  • Opened Club Inspiration a Christian dance/social club in 2001
  • New Kingdom Church has many progressive in house ministries, such as the Voices of New Kingdom, Kingdom Kids, Praise Dancers,  Kingdom Keepers, Blossoming of Souls Initiative, Spirit of Excellence Ministry (Communications Ministry), Reconciliation Counseling Ministry (RCM), Gentleman of Peace, Spirit of David (Armor bearers). All these Ministries function with a ministry leader and committee.
  • New Kingdom Church has a progressive ministerial alliance which includes our ordained pastors, ministers, elders, and ministers in training.