Our Ministries



First Impressions
Greeters- (Ministry Leaders- Juanita Smith & Denise Hoskins)
Ushers- (Ministry Leaders- Fannie Clark & Felicia McGee )

At each service our Greeters stand awaiting the arrival of our members and guest to warmly welcome each person who enters our doors.

Our Ushers supply our members and guest with programs, envelopes, and any materials as needed before and during each service.

(Ministry Leaders- Alicia Butler-Hewes)
All of our nurses are Red Cross trained & CPR certified. 
They serve during each service to attend to the physical needs of any individuals on site.

Christian Education Dept. (Executive Pastor D. Randle-El)
We have one of the finest Sunday School Departments that you'll ever find. We have classes for all ages; from children to Adult. Come and be apart of our Life Enrichment Classes.

Pastoral Care
(Ministry Leader- Diann Hampton)
This ministry is setup specifically to support our Pastor and the 1st family.

(Ministry Leader- Theo Watkins)             
(Assistant Ministry Leader- Juan Clark)

These are anointed men of God appointed by our Pastor to support our Pastor and the church by doing what Acts 6:1-7 outlines. They assist with communion and baptisms, visiting and praying for the sick and shut in, and assist the membership as needed.
ADULTS Ministry

Man 2 Man (Ministry Leaders- Theo Watkins & Scot Dixson)
This ministry is designed to support, and encourage MEN.
Sister's 4 Life (Ministry Leaders- Lady Leslie)
This ministry is designed to support, & encourage WOMEN.

Single 4 NOW
This ministry is designed to encourage single men & women that just because you are single, does not mean you are lonely. They encourage singles that they are whole, and should have fun, enjoying life & loving the Lord.

(Ministry Leader- Elder Pete Wilson)
This ministry goes out to reach the masses with the word of God; it's more than just handing out tracks and flyers its ministry at its core ministering to the hurting and lost.

Armor Bearers & Security
(Ministry Leaders -Elder D. Hurtardo)
They serve, protect, inspect, & secure our grounds each individual that are on our grounds. Our security team is CPR certified.

(Ministry Leader- Mia Watkins)
They assist in preparing our communion and in each candidate preparation for baptism.


(Ministry Leader- Carmelia Harper)
They support the members of New Life who expereince the death of a loved on, those who are hospitalized, rehabbing, and homebound.