Our Mission


New Mt. Ararat Temple of Prayer
Foreign Missions Ministry

**Commission = a body of persons charged with performing a duty; authority to agent for another – also something to be done by an agent; a warrant granting certain powers imposing certain duties.

The Great Commission of the Church:

Giving to the help the poor and needy is in part the great commission of the Church as well as spreading the Good News of The Gospel!  Our objective is to pursue and fulfill with the aid of the Holy Spirit the great commission Our Lord has given us.....to love and help our brethren in need. (Isaiah 58:10-12 & Philippians 2:4)

What does "Foreign Mission means for the church: It's likely the only outreach as a corporate body in unity reaching across borders to do God's work.  It opens up supernatural portals when we pour out across borders as one body in unison to provide aid to those in dire need.  Being of one mind and of one spirit.  It is God's will hat we expand borders as love has no bounds, it is however to abound amongst God's people.

Giving in the Kingdom looks like loving one another, love in the Kingdom looks like giving and helping one another far & near.  Love has not bounds (It's universal) and it is to abound across borders, space and time and people as it is the great command.

It is exciting and a wonderful thing to come together corporately and do God's work on such a level as this!! (2 Corinthians 8 & 9)
(**MISSION = a task, objective)

T.O.P.'s Missions:

  • Aid to feed the hungry
  • Aid to provide clean water
  • Aid in medical care
  • Aid in disaster relief
  • Aid in shelter & clothing
  • All over the World!
T.O.P.'s Current Established Foreign Mission Initiatives

Israel's Loving the Land Project – T.O.P. is excited about sowing in God's sacred land of Israel.  This project allows the Temple to own a piece of land in Israel where wheat is planted and produces revenue to support numerous charities in the country of Israel.  This initiative is perpetual.

Life Outreach International Missions Feeding – Angola Africa: T.O.P. is providing financial aid to address the hunger famine to children & families.

Life Outreach Clean Water – South Sudan Africa – T.O.P. is providing financial aid to develop water wells to provide clean water in South Sudan Africa.

We're excited to do more of God's work as the Spirit of the Lord leads and guides us as a church body.