Date:Sep 01,2017 thru Dec 31,2017      Time: 12:00 AM


From the realm of the prophetic, the Bishop sees 2017 as a significant and anointed moment in the time of the Body of Christ! In spite of many global challenges and person issues that confront us, members of the body will find ourselves coming into a Greater Dimension of understanding and clarity as it relates to our life’s assignment. Simultaneously, God will be glorifying the saints and exposing our true value. 2017 is the year for the people of God to DREAM AGAIN.

God is on schedule to Abundantly Bless the saints in 2017. A special Anointing has come to the body of Christ to:

  • *    Accompany us on our life’s journey
  • *    Guide us through the waiting period
  • *    Release us into our specific assignment
  • *    Equip us for out time of appointment
  • *    Empower us to press beyond our crisis, chaos and challenges

 Accepting that God has planned a productive and progressive future for all who trust him and believe in his word. 2017 is not the year to be Stagnant. While the Threat of uncertainty and the looming Darkness contest our Hopes and Dreams, it’s time for the believers to Dream Again! This is an appointed tome for the body of Christ to dream, dreams that have never been dreamt.

 As the splendor of God’s presence continues to invade our individual set of circumstances, members of the community of faith are being urged to:

  • *    Resist the spirit of weariness and discouragement
  • *    Revive our spirit by bringing ourselves into proper alignment
  • *    Return to the drawing board and revisit the Blue Prints of    God’s plan for our lives
  • *    Re-activate the plans God placed in us some time ago
  • *    Remove ourselves from people who don’t have a progressive mindset

 A prophetic word id ready to be fulfilled! The season for walking with foot soldiers has come to an end! The appointed time to run with the horses is at hand! A new chapter in our lives is waiting to be written DREAM AGAIN!


                                                Bishop Jerome L. Williams

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