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Oasis Church International Youth Department 

Department Head - LaDoris Rockmore

Nursery (newborns through 3 years old) - Team Leader Mrs. Telsa Jones

The nursery has two rooms. They meet every Sunday.

1. One side for newborns - the babies are ministered to with bible stories read and sing-along and other interactive activities.

2. 1 year olds and the other side for 2 to 3 years old - the pre-toddlers interact with games and activities teaching the basic biblical principles. They learn the Bible ABCs and 123s.

Children's Church with includes:

Pinnacle Preschoolers (4 to 6 years old) - Team Leader Mrs. Quantera Vidal

They meet every Sunday. The toddlers learn bible stories catered to their age and attention span with hands on learning, class involvement and interaction is essential to the retention, growth and development in laying the early foundation for each child to have a special relationship with the Lord.  The love God has for them is expressed continually and their uniqueness and importance to him is taught.

Kingdom Kids (1st thru 5th graders) - Team Leader Mrs. LaTasha Sanks

They meet every Sunday. Children are taught scripture and rewarded for bringing their Bibles to church regularly.  They learn the importance of making God a part of their everyday life.  The scriptures and teaching from the Senior Pastor are broken down and taught on a level unique to this age group.  The children enjoy bible challenging activities, praise and worship as well as creative exercise that reinforce each lesson.

The Pinnacle Preschoolers and Kingdom Kids lessons are taught the same lesson specialized for each age group.  This makes sharing the teaching for the day with their parents an enjoyable and enlightening time for each child while building a confidence in the parents that their children are receiving accurate and clear Bible teachings. This enforces what the children have learn and understood resulting in an embedment of God's word into each child's heart where God is able to plant and water the seeds sown.

Elevate (6th thru 8th graders) - Team Leader Mrs. Connie Robinson

They meet every Sunday. Elevate is where middle school age adolescents are encouraged and taught to cultivate and grow in their personalized relationship with God through fellowshipping by reading there Bible and praying daily. There teachings reveal how to take scripture and relate it to their everyday life. In Elevate the pre-teens enjoy participating in biblical discussions by asking questions and sharing concerns unique to this age group.  The pre-teens are challenged and pointed to scripture helping them to learn how to trust and depend on Jesus to meet all of their needs.  Believing he cares for them has a plan for their lives and will sharp them into his image and likeliness.
Pinnacle Preschoolers (4 to 6 years old) – Team Leader Mrs. Quantera Vidal
Kingdom Kids (1st thru 5th graders) – Team Leader Mrs. LaTasha Sanks
YAMS (Young Adult Ministry ages 18 thru 28 years old) – Team Leader Ms. Jennifer Warren
Kids Students Adults  
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