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The Purpose of Trials: Your Faith is on Trial Part 2

Resting In God's Promises

A Place Called There

Who Do You Say I AM Part 2

Receiving Your Inheritance Part 2

The Believer's Authority

Jesus The Final Offering

Fathers Day Part 2

Renew Your MInd

Renew Your MInd
Understanding The Times

The Redemption Plan of God: We Are God's Workmanship

We Are The Light

Night Seasons

It Is Written

The Believer's Authority

Bible Hope Part 2

Substitution Identification Part 2

Bible Hope

Seated With Christ

Our Position in Christ

The Power of the Word Part 2

Redemption's Plan: God's Message

The Power of The Word

Resurrection Sunday April 12, 2020

Trusting GOD in Trouble TImes

Trust, Focus and Faith

Receiving The Goodness of GOD

Pinnacle Preschoolers (4 to 6 years old) – Team Leader Mrs. Quantera Vidal
Kingdom Kids (1st thru 5th graders) – Team Leader Mrs. LaTasha Sanks
YAMS (Young Adult Ministry ages 18 thru 28 years old) – Team Leader Ms. Jennifer Warren
Kids Students Adults  
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