Join the Campaign to give Honor and a deserving recognition to the "Matriach of Gospel Music", Founder of Maryland's 1st. "Radio Chorus".

Founded in 1946 by Sis. Annie M.Turner sang for the weekly radio broadcast of The First Apostolic Faith Institutional Church, under the spiritual guidance of Bishop Winfield Amos Showell who asked a young talented 15 year old to recruit and form a Gospel Choir to go into the radio station in racist Annapolis to spread the Gospel in song before he would preach. Later through the advancement of technology, their singing was recorded on Sunday nights at 9pm. Taped and played on the following Saturdays on the radio airwaves. Serving faithfully for 46 yrs. Sis. Turner NEVER missed a Sunday Night service leading her "Radio Chorus". The Preaching of The Preacher's Preacher, Bishop Winfiled A. Showell, Fire Board Commissioner, Founder of The Vulcan Blazers and friend to William Donald Schaeffer and Sis. Annie M. Turner, known as " The Songbird" of First Apostolic accompanied by the fiery and annointed "Gospel" style tight harmony singing of this choir made the ministry legendary in East Baltmore. They also travelled across the U.S. With their Bishop singing for The National Convocations for the "Bibleway Worldwide Ministries International". They even sang at New York's "Carnegie Hall". Min. Steve "MusicMan" Turner, son of the late A.M.Turner, is leading the charge and campaign to have:

1. A Day named in her honor in Baltimore
2. A Street named: Annie Turner Way
3. A. Wax figure placed in Greater Blacks in Wax Museum
4. A Scholarship for deserving students

Letters and financial donations are greatly appreciated as we establish this dream and well earned rememberance. My Mother never received a salary or recognition from the church leadership, apart from Bishop, unless I as her son gave it. Later in 2007 a year before her death, I nominated her for a "Founders Award" which she received from the Newsome Gospel Awards Committee for her pioneering work in Gospel Radio Ministry. She later departed this life on Feb. 16th.2008 approx. 1 year.later after my Aunt, Katherine Turner, died on Feb. 12th. 2007, she too was a member of the: "Radio Chorus". An article was placed in the "Power Magazine" after an interview with Ceo Rev. William Wingo who authorized a Full page article. She was born July 9th. and I want her memory and contributions honored to encourage the next generation to achieve greatness!

Steve Turner
Ceo of Praise Unlimited Min.
1-410-302-2737 / Office
1-888-315-4468 / Toll-Free
Chairman of "Tribute 4 Annie Turner".
P.O.Box 424
Baltimore, Md. 21203

A foundation in the name of:" Annie M. Turner" is in development. Candidates who display talent in gospel music, loyal to the local church, are community & business minded, would be considered for scholarships for music education, and an award in her name. Obviously, donations & contributions are needed. Greetings! Dr. Chezia Cager, Hello! My name is Minister Steve Turner, I am the only child of Annie Mae Turner. She left this life on February 16th 2008. I discovered her in the house.

I have enclosed an attachment which illustrates her contributions to this city at a time when racism, poverty, classism, and women were not considered to be equal in a male dominated society. The correct year that this powerful leader founded this choir of musical ambassadors was 1946. Their 1st broadcast was on WITH in Annapolis, Md. The very idea of a black man ( Bishop Winfield Amos Showell) preaching the Gospel was radical enough, let alone his vision of having a choir to go into the radio station and sing. They sang of hope & God's love, coming into the studio as the legendary Pauline Wells Lewis was coming out (Gillis Memorial). The two became steadfast friends as Gospel Music Pioneers, women of faith, Christian business women (before WEB), and leaders in the community. The choir raised money by cooking dinners for Parren J. Mitchell & William C. March of the March funeral homes. All of east Baltimore, I'm told, would stop, and come to a standstill to hear this choir sing for the weekly Sunday night broadcasts at 9 pm. Their official name was: "The Radio Chorus of the 1st Apostolic Faith Institutional Church!" She was the 1st to organize a 'church bus trip" as an auxiliary function to raise money for the church. Utilizing the 1st & only black bus company (Midway bus co.) at that time. Many times going to Atlantic City, we were the only blacks there. She was the 1st to organize a "Church Banquet" for friends, guests, choir member's appreciation, and well-wishers. The Choir paid the costs for everything, and everybody got in free. The banquets were held at the: 'S & R Banquet Hall on the Alameda. I am her only child. All of my uncles, aunts, and now my mother are dead. I would like to have her memory honored for the unselfish life of giving to ministry & community, and to people...remembered.!! Can you help me accomplish this by granting a citation or proclamation declaring February 16th as: "Annie Mae Turner Day!" If you log onto:, you will see a tribute to her memory. I have been inspired to start a foundation in her name: Annie Mae Turner foundation. This foundation would recognize youth serving in a local church who demonstrated: talent, loyalty, and leadership, in the Christian music gendre. Additionally, those youths demonstrating entrepreneurial talent & desire in Christian owned business, could receive financial help to fulfill that vision. Oh! I forgot to mention she owned her own business: "Annie's Lunch room" off of Harford Road in east Baltimore.

Please contact for further info:

Min. Steve Turner
P.O. Box 424
Baltimore, Md. 21203
1-888-315-4468 / Toll-Free
1-410-302-2737 / Bus.cell
1-410-870-0289/ Bus. Off.

For more information contact:
Minister Steve Turner
P.O. Box 424 Baltimore, Md. 21203
Phone: 443-635-6517

Here is my mom standing by me for support as i give closing remarks at my ordination.

The date: Saturday December 18th 2004 at Doorway To The Kingdom Church pastored by Jane Lawson. Pastor Herman Mack, chief concelebrant, along with: Pastors Samuel R. Fletcher, Mark and Hope Mason, Reverend Beverly Gaither, Reverend Tyrone Smith, Evang. Rosetta Jennings and Reverend Edward Ramsey. Pastor David Davis and Minister of Music Corinthia Saxlady Cromwell provided musical support.

This was the official ordination as an elder-elect under Apostle Claxton of End-Time Ministries!

The On-Call Organist

Historic Moments

Maryland's 1st. Gospel Choir

Here we see Maryland's 1st. Gospel Choir to sing, minister, and promote Gospel over the radio airwaves on a weekly basis. Bishop Winfield Amos Showell, Pastor and only true Shepherd of: First Apostolic Faith Institutional Church, 27 S. Caroline St., asked my Mother at age 15 yrs of age to form a choir of other talented members of the church to assist him as he responded to a radical and revolutionary direction from God. In an era of extreme racism, 2nd. Class social outlook on women, and the unfavorable opinion of the Apostolic/charismatic movement at large, this was no walk for the timid. However, Bishop Winfield Showell was a Mighty Warrior, and so was his partner in ministry, Min.and Psalmist A. M. Turner. The Radio Chorus would minister in Baltimore, Wash. DC., California, New York's Carnegie Hall, Boston Mass., etc."Live" Recordings with Pastor Charlie Watkins and Bishop Winfield Showell. They sang every Sunday night at 9pm. For 46 yrs. My Mother NEVER missed a Sunday Night Broadcast. Many Pastors, recording artists, and leaders got their start singing on this famed choir. They were the 1st. To organize "Church Bus Trips" held every 4th. of July travelling on Midway Buses to Wildwood NJ.and Atlantic City. Many times, we would be the only Blacks on the beach and the boardwalk. This choir had the 1st. "Church Banquets" held at a jewish banquet hall called S.R. Banquet Room in the Alameda Shopping Center in Baltimore. No charge! Everyone got in free, it was there way of saying "Thank You" to their supporters. They also sponsored the political candidacies of Parren J. Mitchell and William C. March as two struggling but ambitious Black business men who wanted 2 change and help our city. Led by Bishop Winfield Showell, the Radio Chorus took off their Choir robes and put on aprons and sold chicken dinners to raise monies for these black entrepreneurs. These ladies could throw down in the kitchen. One choir member, Ruth was the main cook from the Best Soul Food Restaurant in Baltimore..."Sess Restaurant" and my Mother was the former proprietor and owner of..."Annie's Lunchroom". Serving great soul food to the employees of Bethlehem Steel.

Maryland's 1st Radio Chorus

Here's a bit of history! An Anniversary glamour shot of Maryland's 1st. Radio Chorus, formed for the sole purpose of ministering the Gospel in song for a weekly radio broadcast. Initiated in 1946, they ministered for 46yrs. On this night, they are all dressed up for an annual choir anniversary held at The White Rice Inn, a classy oriental restaurant on Park Ave. Downtown Baltimore. Led by their Founder and President, Sis. Annie M.Turner, we see an organized group of dynamic and historic singers committed to the cause of Christ.

We honor their legacy and memory as Gospel Music Pioneers in Radio Ministry in the State of Maryland.

Sister Turner in Jerusalem

What an historical moment, here Is my Mother, Sis. Annie M.Turner, Founder and President of the "Radio Chorus", Md.'s 1st. Gospel Chorus to sing for a weekly church radio broadcast, on tour in Jerusalem. She wanted to get a true biblical perspective on her savior. Travelling as the only african-american and minority female across the waters, did not intimidate this trailblazer in race-relations. At home she often patronized Downtown and Catonsville. These were the locations of her favorite retail store, Lane Bryant. However, during the late 60's and 70's, while accompanying her, we were met with continued racism, as the "Only" blacks in these establishments. Recenttly viewed the comedy movie "LIFE", starring Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence. Noting a seen in the movie where they enter an all-white restaurant, and have everybody turn with hatred as they enter, was how it was in racist filled Baltimore County's "Westview Mall". So in relation, the peace and respect she experienced away from the U.S. as an African-American woman must have been an unexpected relief and a mystery. She seems at total peace also free from the stigma of being a 3rd. Class citizen as a Minority Business woman. As a minority women entrepreneur, owning "Annie's Lunchroom", she dealt with Male dominated ignorance in the simple quest to provide for her only child, Steve Turner. In a lot of cases the Church did not foster the belief of equality or appreciation for women who made up, and still do, most of the church body. Using the Bible and quoting scriptures to exercise both physical and spiritual dominance and control both in God's house and the home, Jerusalem ( The City of Peace) appears to have given this Musical Prophetess and Civil Rights trailblazer the spiritual peace that comforts the soul. Shalohm-Beyet!