SSBC Ministries


 Baptismal Ministry   

The Baptismal Ministry assists with the execution of baptism by helping with the baptism ceremony in any needed capacity including, but not limited to, assisting candidates with preparing for baptism, cleaning baptismal prep room, and ensuring all baptism garments and towels are cleaned after the ceremony.  They make sure all candidates are scheduled for baptism and understand how to dress for the ceremony.    

Brenda Johnson


Benevolent Ministry   

The Benevolent Ministry is established to assist members and non-members who are in need of financial assistance from the church.  The Benevolent ministry supervises the disbursement of funds and sees to the care of the sick and bereaved.  This ministry also inquires into the worthiness of benevolent causes for which support is being considered or for which money has been allocated.    

Chairman Gerald Johnson


Christian Singles Ministry   

The Christian Singles Ministry provides opportunity and encouragement to single adults, whether never married, divorced or widowed, for getting acquainted with other singles for the purpose of reflecting, discussing issues, studying God's Word, singing, praying, playing, interacting, resting and traveling.  The Ministry may host various social fellowships including dinners, trips and retreats.  This Ministry is also open to Single Adults who are not members of the Church.      

Ministry Leader Vacant

It is the responsibility of the Communications Ministry to establish and maintain positive communications between the Church and the community.  This ministry is responsible for informing and reminding members of the activities at the Church through "The Communicator" or other appropriate means.
Ms. Ernestine McNair(Communicator)

Doris Ferrell( Birthdays, Anniversaries, & Prayer List)

Crisis Resource Ministry  

The Crisis/Resource Ministry assists the community with the needs of survival of families.  It shall be the responsibility of the Crisis/Resource Ministry to provide outreach for the physical and spiritual needs of the community, the underprivileged, and the homeless.  This shall include food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, employment, and transportation.  

Ministry Leader Vacant

Culinary Ministry   

The Culinary/Food Ministry provides food for church supported activities and special events upon request; to supply means and menus for special dinners; and assist with the preparations of Church functions.  The ministry shall also supervise the operation, usage, cleanliness and preservation of the Church kitchen and its apparatus; oversee all operations of the kitchen; and develop an outreach program to feed the hungry.   

Youlanda Jenkins


(SSBC Anointed Praise Dancers)    The mission of the Dance Ministry is to promote the development and growth of praise and worship expression through dance so that the glory of God will be revealed unto the populace.  It shall be the responsibility of the Dance Ministry to lead the people of God into His transforming presence through spontaneous and choreographed celebrations of dance and to usher in the presence of the Lord through spiritual movements giving God glory through demonstrative praise and worship.    

Marian Amaro


Youlanda Jenkins
Cathy Robinson
Family and Friends   

Every third weekend in the month of July is designated to be the annual Family and Friends Celebration at St. Smyrna Baptist Church. During this weekend, we gather as a church family as well as a community to celebrate the ideal of togetherness and the importance of family and friends. Saturday is a day of Fun and Fellowship celebrating with a community wide cookout, swimming and games for all ages. Sundays church service members invite family and friends to come worship with the SSBC church family. Everyone is asked to participate in our Capital Campaign to raise funds for the church.  

Marilyn M. Smith


Financial/Real Estate   

The mission of the Financial and Real Estate Ministry is to empower the church community to handle money from a biblical perspective in order to advance the Kingdom of God.  It shall be the responsibility of the Financial and Real Estate Ministry to develop programs to enhance giving and living debt free lives, on taxes, retirement, and investing; and to host seminars and training sessions on issues related to property management and buying and selling of properties.   

Barbara Phillips


We greet and embrace everyone that enters the church with the love that God has given to us through His son Jesus.  We will always greet with a phenomenal smile and embrace with a hug. We carry out the same expectations whenever we know a member needs us at a funeral, wedding, etc.  It is the responsibility of the Greeters to ensure that all visitors and members are greeted with a positive attitude and to feel exceptionally welcomed with true love for Christ as they enter the sanctuary.  Since we're the first point of contact we must leave a lasting impression.     

Tane' Stepp

Health and Wellness

The mission of the Saint Smyrna Baptist Church Health and Wellness Ministry is to enhance the overall health of the congregation by fostering interest and encouraging members to initiate or expand healthier lifestyles.  We provide members with integrated and comprehensive health and wellness programs and services to meet a wide range of health needs, recognize members for participating in healthier lifestyles activities, decrease illness and stress, and develop a positive culture that is focused on celebrating and improving the quality of life for all members.  This ministry also responds to immediate medical needs in the Church with the assistance of members with medical backgrounds.

Andrea Trice Phillips

Intercessory Prayer   

The Intercessory Prayer Ministry meets weekly to edify and inspire our members, families, and church ministries to pursue a deeper prayer life with God.  It is our desire to pray with and for anyone.  The goal of the Intercessory Prayer Ministry is to provide the spiritual foundation and power for every other ministry of the church, to keep our pastor and his family lifted before God, to pray for spiritual growth of those who come to the faith in Christ, and specifically to pray lost souls into the Kingdom.  The Intercessory Prayer Ministry is a dynamic ministry that operates behind the scenes and can be heard warring in the spirit on behalf of our brothers and sisters in Christ.  

Troquita Goodrum

Life Ministry  

The mission of the Life Ministry is to lead all efforts to support community organizations activities that fund their programs, such as the American Cancer Society Relay for Life, March of Dimes, American Heart Association, Martin Luther King, Jr. Annual Parade, etc.  This ministry plans the activities and develops ideas for raising funds.   

Tiffany Taylor


Marketing & Media   

The mission of the Marketing & Media Ministry is to compliment, enhance, and serve all Church ministries and work in unity with the Church vision through video, audio, print, and internet so that the Lord is glorified. 
Internal: This ministry consists of the sound, video, audio, and photography productions within the church.  It also produces, sells and distributes recordings of church services.
External: This ministry shall be responsible for designing the most appropriate method of communicating church information and events to the community, such as radio, newspaper, church bulletins, newsletters, internet, etc.  The External Media Ministry will function as a networking source for any of the church ministries.

Patrick Cruver- Sound Tech

Ashley Pope- Internal/External

Marriage Ministry   

The Marriage Ministry focuses on building stronger marriages!  We believe that every covenant marriage, firmly rooted in God's Word and principles can survive the enemy's assaults of conflict, resentment and disappointment.  Our purpose is to reach out to all married couples at Saint Smyrna Baptist Church and throughout the community, to empower and nurture them, and to encourage them through the word of God.  We offer monthly marriage ministry sessions to help enhance one of our most precious and sacred gifts from God, The Institution of Marriage!  These sessions are powerful, interactive and fun filled.  The Ministry also fellowships together on periodic outings such as dinners, movies, plays, and weekend getaways!    This allows couples to renew their commitments and dedications to their marriages.  All married couples at Saint Smyrna Baptist Church and throughout the community are encouraged to participate in the ministry!    
Minister Cora Reeves
Men's Ministry
The Mission of the Men's Ministry is to share the good news of Jesus Christ with all men and to educate and equip them to reach out to all people in His name.  The Men's Ministry shall be responsible for the development of programs that enhance the physical, spiritual and emotional growth of men.   

Ministry Leader Vacant

The mission of the Military Ministry is to demonstrate and share the love of Christ with the military community through service, care, prayer and support; to provide a ministry focused on the unique needs and issues that military members and families are faced with; communicate with active duty Church member military personnel located throughout the world; and to help other churches in the surrounding area realize the need for a focused military ministry, share ideas on how to best support and minister to soldiers and their families, and equip military families to be missionaries to their military communities.      

Kathy Hudson


Music Ministry   

The mission of the Music Ministry is to proclaim the Word of God through music.  It shall be the responsibility of the Music Ministry to supervise and coordinate the music for public worship and support of Church ministries.  We currently have three choirs: Sanctuary Choir, Youth Choir, and Men's Choir.  Choir rehearsals are scheduled for 10 a.m. each Saturday.  
Taisa Zachery (Sanctuary Choir)
LaTanya Reeves (Youth Choir)
New Members  

It shall be the responsibility of the New Members Ministry to conduct orientation of new members into the Church; provide spiritual support and leadership; teach new members about the vision of the Church, assess their need for growth, and to provide biblical help in recognizing their gifts and purpose.     

Min. Rosonja Seay

Nursing Home 

Mission Under Development

Minister Colle Ann Herring 


The mission of the Parking/Security Ministry is to create and maintain a safe and welcoming environment to enhance the well-being of the Pastor, members, visitors and children while on Church property.  It shall be the responsibility of the Parking/Security Ministry to secure the parking lot and maintain a continuous survey of the premises during church functions.

Ministry Leader Vacant 

Pastor's Support    

The mission of the Pastor's Support Ministry is to work closely with the Pastor and First Lady to facilitate their needs as well as the needs of their guests.  It shall be the responsibility of the Pastor's Support Ministry to be in charge of the support and needs of the Pastor and First Lady, as well as work with the other ministries in support of various functions of the church.   This ministry also coordinates and plans the Pastoral Anniversary celebration each year.    

Kathy Hudson


Softball Ministry   

This ministry is offered to females, ages 13 & up. The season is from March through June.  The Softball Ministry fellowships with each other as well as other churches throughout the Coweta County area. The games and the ministry as a whole promotes team work and is an exciting experience to be a participant in as well as being a spectator. One of the keys this ministry always focuses on in is "We Play together and We Pray together." Through this ministry, we show all people, young and mature, that being saved and following Christ can be fun and rewarding on earth and in Heaven.   

Marilyn M. Smith


Sunday School  

It shall be the responsibility of the Sunday School Ministry to help Church members enhance the biblical studies by sharing in communication and teaching; to enhance knowledge and spiritual concepts as well as share in teaching clarity and input while acknowledging Christian faith and belief; to teach various age groups; purchase class literature (quarterly); and to be self supported by weekly donations from class members.   

Deacon Randy Davenport (Superintendent)



The Theatrical Ministry serves as a tool for ministering to souls by way of drama.  In addition to seasonal plays such as Christmas and Easter, the drama ministry incorporates scripture based plays that focus on real life situations which promote salvation, healing and restoration for the entire person.  This ministry is made up of members who have expressed an interest in the arts such as acting, singing, dance, mime and production.   

Ministry Leader Vacant
Tutorial/Computer Lab   

It shall be the responsibility of the Tutorial/Computer Lab Ministry to provide tutorial services to children and adults to enhance their education and to provide a curriculum that assists learning and self esteem building.   This ministry serves Saint Smyrna members and the community at large.
Minister Octavia Samuels

The mission of the Ushers Ministry is to give service above self by making themselves available, doing what is needed even when it is inconvenient, and paying attention to what is needed while realizing no task is beneath them.  It shall be the responsibility of the Ushers Ministry to provide the hospitality of the sanctuary by providing Christian courtesy to everyone who enters; greet people as they enter the sanctuary; seat people at the appropriate times; provide attendants at the doors at the services of public worship; provide programs and other materials as needed; and to be attentive to the needs of the congregation and Pastor.   

Judy Cook


Vacation Bible School  

The Vacation Bible School is a week-long program of highly engaging and interactive activities for children and adults to learn about the saving love of Jesus Christ.  The mission of the Vacation Bible School is to provide an annual summer experience of education and evangelism through which the congregation's ministry to its children is enhanced and its ministry to children of the church community is advanced.    

LaTanya Reeves

Women's Bible Book Club
Do you long for an opportunity to discuss life experiences with other women in a genuine, respectful, and safe environment?  Join the women of Saint Smyrna for Real Talk Book Discussions.  The discussions will inspire women to develop a deeper relationship with Christ as they navigate through their daily life challenges.  The group meets on the 2nd and 4th Mondays at 6 p.m.  

Minister Rosnja Seay

Women of Worship (WOW)
The mission of the Saint Smyrna Baptist Church Women of Worship (WOW) is to minister by the Word; the Word in action through mind, body and soul.  The objective of the ministry is to take the Word beyond the walls of the church and be women on the move for God.  It shall be the responsibility of WOW to develop programs and host events that will enhance the physical, spiritual and emotional growth of women.  The WOW Ministry will collaborate with other ministries in the church to provide effective services that minister to the needs of all females, regardless of age.
  • Care Ministry.  It shall be the responsibility of the Care Ministry to provide care and support to Church members and their families, and to encourage those who have been absent from worship service.  The Ministry shall have members in place to contact Church members who have missed three (3) consecutive services and to provide assistance to them, if needed
Evette Jones

Youth and Young Adult Ministry
The mission of the Youth Ministry is to provide a nurturing environment for youth and young adults by creating opportunities for them to grow spiritually and mentally.  The responsibility of the Youth Unlimited Ministry is to provide classes for children (5-18 years old) in attendance at Sunday morning worship services on the second and fourth Sundays. 
Octavia Samuels