Praise Reports

Stephanie Rice - Newnan,GA

On 1/15/17 I was watching Brianna's basketball game via the internet. 2 minutes into the game she was injured. She called me after the game was over and told me the trainer said her left shoulder was sprained. She then said they would know more tomorrow after she went and had some X-rays done. I immediately went into prayer mode and did my best not to worry. The following morning Bri called me and said the X-rays showed that it wasn't sprain but she had a tear and they wouldn't be able to determine whether it would need to be surgically repaired until the swelling went down some more. Bri was devastated because this injury would once again stall her career progression. I did my best to stay positive and keep her in the right frame of mind. I told her to stay prayed up and we would determine what our game plan would be after her MRI on Friday.

While I know we are to let go and let God, it's easier said than done. It seems as if it took Friday forever to get here. But I will tell you when I woke up to a text from Brianna stating MRI revealed nothing but swelling, all I could do was start shouting Glory!!!!

We went from being told on Sunday it was a sprain then Monday a tear to Friday being nothing more than swelling. She is only going to need some rehab and will be back on the court in the next couple of weeks... My God had the final say and I give all the Glory to him. What a mighty God we serve. Please continue to keep Brianna uplifted in prayer ..

Chester Dodd - SEBRING,FL

Christmas 2015 I was a patient at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Newnan. We are from Florida and missed being with our children and grandchildren for the Holidays. I received a very thoughtful gift basket and was greeted with a lovely bunch of people singing Christmas carols. You will never know how much of a blessing that was to my wife and I. I am thankful to say that I returned to my home in Florida on Jan-8-16 "Cancer Free!" We will always remember the Christmas of 2015 and what a blessing you were to us. We pray that you continue with this calling the Lord has trusted you with. Chet & Robin Dodd