Vision Statement: The vision of the Stone Temple Kingdom of God Youth Ministry is build youth by Loving, Caring and Sharing. 

Mission Statement: Our mission is to respond to the social and spiritual needs of the youth in our church and in our community by providing Biblical training, Spiritual and Physical nourishment along with spiritual activities and events that will allow them to build their faith and strengthen their relationship with God. 

Welcome to the Kingdom of God Youth Ministry.  We provide ministry to all youth from the ages of 3-30.  Our Youth Ministry is built upon multiple tiers of teaching and training. 

YOUTH SUNDAY SCHOOL:  Start your Sunday out with our youth breakfast.  Our breakfast provides our youth with physical nourishment for the strengthening of their bodies.   Move from Breakfast to Youth Sunday School.  Our youth Sunday School is designed to nourish the spiritual body.  Youth Sunday School provides our youth with teaching and training on the foundation of God's word. 

BABIES FOR THE KINGDOM:  On Sundays allow your children from the ages of 3-14 to take part in our Babies for the Kingdom Ministry.  Our Babies for the Kingdom Ministry plays a vital role in teaching and training our babies to know God for themselves.  Youth who participate in Babies for the Kingdom learn about God, His Son, Jesus, the bibles and many other aspects of the Christian life. 

SPIRIT OF THE LORD YOUTH DANCE MINISTRY:  The Bible says that when the spirit of the Lord came upon David, David danced.  The Stone Temple Youth Dance Ministry teaches youth the art of Praise Dance and Miming.  But not only do they learn liturgical dance they also take time to study the word of God.

JUDAH PRAISE YOUTH AND YOUNG ADULT CHOIR:  "In Judah is God known."  In our praise God is known.  Praise is what we do, and praise is who we are.  We are Judah Praise.  The Stone Temple youth choir is full of energetic praise and anointed talent. The youth choir's purpose and goal is to minister to God, and the Church Body through worship and praise to Jesus Christ, with energy, passion, and purpose.

Pass the Word, the Kingdom of God Youth Ministry is full of Youth and Young Adult that love, care and share.  We are looking to see you become a part of us.