Our Vision


Our Vision
We strive to become an oasis of hope and love within the metropolitan Detroit area, by
promoting education, social awareness, and total life prosperity.

Who We Are
We are Anderson Memorial, a church committed to worshipping God, serving people, and impacting the world. We do so each week in the following ways, and invite you to join us as we take the next steps toward a better life . . .

Worshipping God
Every week we honor God with relevant teaching and dynamic music to engage others in a meaningful relationship with him.

Serving People
Our members interact with each other through bible study, and ministries that serve our church and community.

Impacting the World

We have the privilege of sharing God's Message with everyone who doesn't know Him, to give them a better understanding of their purpose and God's plan. We do this through benevolent acts and community services. We are also involved in missions all over the world.