Our History


The beginning of what is now known as Anderson Memorial Church of God in Christ was organized in 1924 by the last Elder J. L. Conner with the name North Detroit Church of God in Christ. The church moved to provide better accommodations to 12925 Orleans Street and changed its name to Orleans Street Church of God in Christ.Pastor Conner served as pastor until 1933 after accepting a position in the state of New York. The second pastor was the last Elder T. C. Morris who served six years from 1933 until 1939. The church experienced some difficult times until the appointment of the late Bishop C. L. Anderson, Sr. Under Bishop C. L. Anderson, Sr., the church experienced great growth and the name was once again changed to Anderson Temple Church of God in Christ. He served as pastor until 1959 after his untimely death.

It was the late Bishop C. J. Johnson, Sr., the grandfather of the current pastor, who appointed the late Bishop C. L. Anderson, Jr. as the pastor in 1959. Under Bishop C. L. Anderson, Jr., the church continued to grow and the dream of his late father was realized by building a new church and changing the name in his honor to Anderson

Memorial Church of God and Christ. Bishop Anderson, Jr., served as pastor until 1999.

After his death, the former Presiding Bishop Chandler D. Owens appointed the son of Bishop C. L. Anderson, Jr., Elder Tyrone L. Anderson, as pastor. During this time, the church one again experienced some difficult days. After much controversy, the late Bishop Walter E. Bogan, Sr., assumed the leadership of the church as interim pastor and after his death, the current jurisdictional prelate Bishop Clifford C. Dunlap became interim pastor from 2006 until December 5, 2007.

After seeking God for a period of time, on December 5, 2007, Bishop Dunlap appointed the Superintendent Charles J. Johnson, III as the eighth pastor in successful in succession of the Anderson Memorial Church of God in Christ. A young man with the courage of Joshua and the determination of Nehemiah to rebuild the walls, heshouldered the responsibility and began to work. This is a New Beginning for Anderson
Memorial, The Church on the Rock.