What to Expect


What to Expect

When you arrive at Anderson for our service, you are invited to park on our lots and use the main entrance. There is signage to help you find your way.
You will be greeted by our parking lot attendants, who will be happy to assist you with parking, and answer any questions you have.
At this time, we have handicapped parking near the entrance of our lot, near the easy  access ramp to our south entrance.

At the front door, are friendly people (we call them "greeters") to say hello, hand you a visitor packet, answer any questions you have, and direct you to the sanctuary. If you need childcare, they can show you to the nursery (in the lower level). If your children are shy, they're welcome to attend adult service with you, but most kids really enjoy children's church, available during all services.

You'll notice that everyone is dressed in anything from traditional church clothes (business attire) to casual wear.

When you come in the sanctuary, you'll be given a copy of our program, which has the agenda for the day's service and the week's announcements, as well as an outline for  the sermon to make notes if you like.
The service usually begins with some upbeat music, followed by a welcome and introduction to the theme of the day's service. There is a time of community where we shake hands with those around us. More singing will follow. Our music reflects a variety of styles and tastes, from contemporary to traditional.

The message will be based on the Bible, and often includes interesting quotes from contemporary people and songs. You'll hear solid Christian beliefs in intelligent, understandable, relevant terms, and hopefully, you'll feel a tug at your heart, too. A prayer and song will follow the message.

We include a collecting of member giving (called "tithes) and offerings (donations from those joining us). As our guest, you are not required to give. We want you to feel welcome and at ease. A contribution should be made, in any amount, if you feel comfort in giving.

There is a final prayer and an invitation to become a member of the Christian faith at the close of service.

After service, if you have children, you will pick them up from their classroom. In the lobby, you will find representatives of our church who will direct you to the exits and invite you to return.

That's about it!
"Warm, encouraging, informative, at home?" these are the words that we hear most from those who attend.

We hope you'll join us this weekend.