Prayer Shawl ($107.00)

For a donation of $107 or more, the Word Network would love to send you this royal blue and gold, messianic prayer shawl called a Tallit (tah-LEET). Worn by men and women over the head or shoulders, this prayer shawl creates a private space for prayer and a symbolic covering of the presence of God.

The 24 x 72 inch Tallit is adorned with white, knotted tassels, tied on each corner, with Hebrew scriptures embroidered in silver. The blue and gold neckband is embroidered with a Hebrew blessing – “Blessed art Thou, O Lord our God, King of the universe, who hast hallowed us by Thy commandments, and hast commanded us to enwrap ourselves in the fringed garment”.

This authentic prayer shawl represents a wonderful tradition of faith - and a daily reminder of who you are in Christ.Call 855-730-WORD - and your prayer shawl will be rushed to you immediately. That’s 855-730-9673, 855-730-9673With your continued partnership, we’re bringing the good news of the gospel, to a lost and hurting world.