Subject Bible ($150.00)

The Bible says in Psalms, “Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.” For your donation of $150 or more, the Word Network will send you this incredible new study tool called, “The Subject Bible.” Not available in stores, this Bible is unlike anything published to date. Bound in quality leather, it’s divided into three sections: The first contains the entire King James translation in large print. The second is the entire Bible arranged by “subjects”, and organized into over 4000 topics.

The third is an alphabetical index that lets you look up any subject and go directly to the page number where it appears! Also, embossed on the cover is the logo reminding you pray for your “Word Network” daily. If you’ll order right away, we’ll also include a Power Publishing CD-ROM for your computer, and a documentary on the history of God’s word called, “The Greatest Cause.” Call (855) 730-WORD and tell the prayer partner, Yes! Rush me the “Word Network” subject Bible today! That’s (855) 730-9673.