Love a Child

Love A Child was established in 1985 by Bobby and Sherry Burnette to carry out Christian missionary work in Haiti, and other third world countries, as a Christian 501(c)(3) Humanitarian relief agency (NGO, PVO).  Since 1991 Bobby and Sherry have lived full-time in Haiti, allowing them to integrate fully into the culture and country of Haiti.  Guided by biblical principles of evangelism and love, Bobby and Sherry have focused their ministry on the children and poor families of Haiti.  From their beginning as visiting missionaries, they have now developed Love A Child into a full time in-country organization of wide-reaching resources, to provide humanitarian aid and also to promote development and sustainability for the Haitian people.  Among Love A Child’s outreach programs are: a 21,500 sq. ft. orphanage,  now “home” to 72 kids; 14 primary schools, which educate and feed more than 6,000 children a day; medical clinics in remote mountain regions;  a regional medical and nutrition clinic; vocational training center and tilapia fish aquaculture farm; a Christian broadcast radio station; a 15,000 sq. ft. food distribution warehouse depot which services the Love A Child distribution and feeding programs, providing food and non-food goods to more than 27,000 Haitians, daily.