Pastor Danny Davis

Pastor Danny Davis has spent 33 years of his life traveling the world preaching the gospel of healing, salvation, and miracles through the all powerful name of Jesus Christ. He received his calling in a most unusual way. His mother, Charlotte, is an intercessory -prayer-warrior. In the fall of 1954 she was attending a little Pentecostal Church called Star of Hope. The church was in the middle of a building-program. Heavy with child she went to bed one night sad because she had no money to sow a seed . Even the milk man that delivered milk to the front porch had stopped delivery due to non -payment. In her heart she longed to do something for the gospel. As she laid down one afternoon she received a vision of a baby boy sitting under a bright ray of light. The same evening she received a visitation from the Lord. She saw the name DANIEL written on the wall. The Lord spoke to her that she would have a “manchild” and that he would preach the judgements of God to His people. His name was to be Daniel. A few months later she gave birth to a son. Like Samuel of old....Danny Davis was a seed-faith gift given to God before birth.

Today Pastor Danny Davis can be found somewhere in the world preaching in gospel-tents, church-houses, and auditoriums. He is known for the amazing manifestations of the supernatural miracle power of God in his crusades. Many have seen him on The Word Network over the last several years. He is also on local television stations all over the United States of America.

Pastor Davis is extremely excited about the opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ in the United Kingdom and across Europe. For many years he has stood in the pulpit and prophecied a great world-impacting revival would sweep across England and throughout Europe preceding the return of our Lord. He is looking forward, with great anticipation, to the doors the Lord will the “highways and the hedges” of Europe as he comes to hold “salvation and healing crusades” soon.