Dr. Dana Carson

It is our pleasure to share what we believe the hand of God is directing this ministry to do. DCKM, a global ministry outreach of Dr. Dana Carson, is founded upon Kingdom principles. Our vision is to take the gospel of the Kingdom to every inhabitable continent. It is our belief that we are in a dispensational shift or a “changing of the guards”, and our ministry assignment is assisting church leaders and ministries transition from a church mentality to a Kingdom mentality that produces Kingdom focus and purpose!

DCKM desires to provide Kingdom-minded resources that will help to elevate ministries to their Kingdom destiny.

DCKM provides Kingdom leadership training and church growth and health seminars that will assist in establishing healthier Kingdom-minded churches in the 21st century. DCKM provides Kingdom leadership training and mentorship for leaders who desire to take their ministry to greater levels and realize they cannot do it alone. These leadership trainings, seminars, and resources will produce the Kingdom leader that God has called you to be!

DCKM not only exists to assist churches in transitioning from a traditional model to more a 21st century Kingdom model ministry, we also establish and plant new churches. DCKM assists leaders who have a call on their lives to begin new ministries, but need guidance and mentorship. DCKM teaches, trains, and walks the leader through the initial establishment of a Kingdom-minded church, step-by-step, using turnkey church growth and health systems.

Lastly, DCKM exists to provide you with sound hermeneutical teachings that you can rely on! The DCKM Empowerment Center and Kingdom Superstore sells quality, doctrinally sound Kingdom teachings that are not simply fad teachings, but Kingdom-minded instruction in the Word. We are equipped with CD’s, DVD’s, MP3’s, books, and other Kingdom resources that will help you and your congregation understand the Word of God and the will of God for the completion of your Kingdom assignment.