Dr. Derek Grier

Dr. Derek Grier currently serves as the founding pastor of Grace Church in Dumfries, Virginia. Grace Church began in 1998 with twelve people and has grown to more than three thousand members and over fifty life-changing ministries. In 2008, he founded the Dumfries Youth Center as an extension of Grace Church. It has served hundreds of high-risk children in the Dumfries area.

Dr. Grier studied business administration at Howard University. He earned a master’s of education degree from Regent University and a doctorate in practical ministry from Wagner Leadership Institute. Dr. Grier serves on several boards and is an internationally certified associate trainer for Equip, which was founded by John Maxwell.

Dr. Grier was ordained a bishop in 2008 by Dr. Myles Munroe. He currently mentors hundreds of Christian leaders and business owners through the Renaissance Leadership Network. He has received numerous awards and is President and Professor Emeritus of Virginia Bible College (VBC). VBC has established a partnership with Atlanta-based Beulah Heights University and offers fully accredited undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate degrees in business, leadership and theology.

Dr. Grier’s uncompromising approach to preaching and teaching the gospel has helped him lead Grace Church in phenomenal growth. The highly acclaimed Outreach Magazine lists Grace Church as one of the fastest growing African American Churches and it is among the top 100 fastest growing of all churches in the nation.

Dr. Grier is nationally recognized as a thought leader on engaging the culture and continues to earn the respect of leaders from all political stripes. The Washington Post recently featured Dr. Grier in an inclusive, highlighting his increasing influence in politics and culture. The Washington Post writes, “In many ways, he illustrates a new kind of high-profile African American pastor. He is well educated. He is not a member of a major religious convention. And he refuses to align himself with the Democratic or Republican parties.”

Dr. Grier is also Senior Editor for www.bothsidesmag.com, which provides spiritual perspectives on hot-button issues of the day. He has been invited to the White House on several occasions and has been sought out by political leaders from both sides of the aisle.

Dr. Grier has become a prominent voice in the Washington, DC metropolitan area through his Ministry Minute, Pandora Moments, and Grace for Today television and radio broadcasts, which have expanded both nationally and internationally. He is the Author of several books, including his newest release Another 60 Minutes: Growth on the Go, published by Thomas Nelson.

Dr. Grier and his wife, Yeromitou, reside in northern Virginia and have two sons: Derek Jr. and David.