Dr. Festus Adeyeye

Dr. Festus is a gift of God not only to Abundant Life Ministries, but also to the body of Christ. Dr Festus is a Nigerian born author, mentor, and a life coach.  Dr. Festus provides apostolic covering to many pastors/churches and he is the spiritual father to many pastors globally. He is a man of integrity, a man of purpose and vision, humble and large at heart.

An Apostle Called and Ordained of God: Festus Adeyeye is the founding and the Senior Pastor of Abundant Life Christian Center Worldwide, ALCC. Abundant Life Christian Center is a rapidly growing church with headquarter in Brooklyn, New York.  ALCC has hosts of other satellite churches in: Long Island New York, Bronx New York, Monrovia Liberia, Lagos Nigeria, and Toronto Canada.

A Scholar: Festus Adeyeye holds a Doctor of Ministry from Ministry International Institute Tennessee, a Masters’ of Science in Organizational Leadership from Nyack College, New York and a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology.  Festus Adeyeye is also a member of the American Society of Nuclear Medicine and American Radiologic Society.

A Life Coach, Mentor and Educator:  Festus Adeyeye has a strong apostolic mandate to mentor pastors and church leaders in having cutting edge ministries beyond the four walls of church buildings. He also mentors entrepreneurs, contractors, businessmen and women in the cooperate world. Dr. Festus is the founder and President of Possessing the Nations Ministerial Association [PTNMA]. Through this association, Dr. Festus provides wisdom, sharp counsel, church growth strategies, ministry registration and attaining of proper ministry documentation, workshops on cutting edge ministries, building church beyond the church walls, and many more, to registered members of the association. Dr. Festus is the founder and President of Abundant Life Bible Institute, ALBI, and Founder and President of Pacesetters Leadership Institute. Dr. Festus believes that everybody created by God is a potential leader. Through the leadership institute, Dr. Festus provides leadership training and empowerment in which candidates are taught to discover, develop, and deploy their leadership potentials. Festus Adeyeye with his insightful teachings applicable to daily living, mentors Apostles, Pastors, and the fivefold offices globally; he coaches and impacts global leaders, and world transformers.

A Shepherd and Father: Festus Adeyeye in his fatherly and pastoral roles cares passionately for members of his flock. He teaches the word of God with practicality, simplicity and understanding in a manner relevant and applicable to believers’ daily living. Empowered with the breakthrough anointing, Dr. Festus also has the mandate to liberate people from the oppression of darkness and ignorance through the teaching of the word of faith. He ministers with keen prophetic unction of the word of knowledge, the gifts of supernatural healing, and signs and wonders.

A Prolific Penman and Author: Dr. Festus Adeyeye is the author of several books; Pathways to Breakthrough, The Power of Vision, The Prevailing Power of fasting, Prospering in hard times and 21 Days Prayer Devotional for a Life of Liberty and Restoration. Many lives have been liberated into new dimensions through these books. Letters of appreciation continue to pour in from all over the world, from readers empowered through these books. Dr. Festus is happily married to his “Best Friend”, Dr. Anthonia, who also co-pastors with him at ALCC and they are parents to nine children.