Dr. Michelle Corral

Dr. Michelle Corral is CEO and Founder of Breath of the Spirit Ministries International, Inc. For more than thirty five years she has evangelized the world, served those in need with global humanitarian missions, and solidified her place as a master of The Prophetic Word and expert of in-depth Hebrew insight to the scriptures.

At 16 years old, Dr. Michelle had a radical experience with The Lord and never looked back. In 1979, she founded Breath of the Spirit Ministries International, Inc. At just twenty four years old, she dedicated her life to the service of those in need. Since then, Dr. Michelle has traveled tirelessly around the United States and the world bringing the Word of God and humanitarian relief to the neediest.

Her call to ministry, drive for excellence, and anointing for the understanding of the revelations of the Prophetic Word has made her an international figure head and respected expert in Biblical prophecy, secrets and history. Since she was a youth, every area of her life has been committed to her ministry, forsaking all the world may have to offer to serve, study, and evangelize as Jesus has called her to do.