Bishop Lambert Gates

Bishop Lambert is the founder and pastor of Bethel Deliverance International Church (Wyncote, PA). For over thirty years he has served in his role as pastor with diligence and passion.

In its commitment to a higher level of excellence, L.W. Gates Ministries oversees the affairs of numerous organizations, ministries, and programs, focusing on changed lives through the salvation experience given by the Lord Jesus Christ. Whether it’s sharing the practical truths of God’s Word through conferences, media broadcasts, and worship services, or reaching out to people through charitable efforts, L.W. Gates Ministries is wholly committed to spreading the Word of God according to Jesus’ mandate to Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature (Mark 16:15).

The ministries and programs under the umbrella of L.W. Gates Ministries are designed to invoke change and renew strength in the lives of people everywhere who seek to attain a higher calling in Christ.