Perfecting Your Faith

Perfecting Your Faith is a rapidly growing, ethnically-diverse ministry committed to blessing its neighbors in the surrounding communities, sharing the good news of Christ with the unsaved and the un-churched and challenging "church-goers" to a deeper more authentic relationship with the Savior.

After several months of successful weekly bible studies, Pastor McClurkin held the first church service on a Sunday evening at the Best Western Inn in Hempstead, Long Island. With 600 people in attendance, it was clear that God wanted to do a new work and desired to use Pastor McClurkin to shepherd it to fruition. In June 2001, Perfecting Faith Church was officially birthed in its current location in Freeport, NY. Once a defunct supermarket, the newly-renovated building on North Main Street today houses Perfecting Faith's sanctuary, administrative offices, modular meeting rooms, bookstore and budding media center.

PFC leaders and members commit themselves to extended times of prayer, consecration, worship and praise through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. PFC is committed to raising a standard of academic and spiritual excellence, mentoring and empowering men and women from all walks of life, and loving people with the incarnational gospel (exampling Christ in both the divine Word and practical deed), to leave a legacy of faith, unity and hope to future generations.