Elevate With David G. Evans

Through his Elevate broadcast, David G. Evans brings a fresh perspective to God’s Word to lift your thinking.

“It’s not where you start, but where you finish.” There are few people this phrase epitomizes better than Bishop David G. Evans. Coming from a troubled home, Evans’ life was the perfect recipe for a statistic. But God had a plan for this young man, and through a series of ordained events, Evans has now become one of the most powerful and notable preachers of the day.

David G. Evans is a noted television host, Prelate of the Abundant Harvest Fellowship of Churches and Pastor of the 27,000-member Bethany Baptist Church. He is the author of Healed Without Scars, Dare To Be A Man and his soon to be released new project, Elevate. As CEO of David G. Evans Ministries, he produces OnPointe!, a live call-in radio talk show and now in partnership with Legacy Worldwide, ELEVATE with David G. Evans which airs weekly right here on the WORD Network.  Bishop David G. Evans has set out to change the world and offer the same deliverance he received, through Jesus Christ.

As a youngster, Evans grew up in Philadelphia.  His mother who was a Christian, while his father was an alcoholic. “Fortunately, I had a very strong grandfather,” says Evans. “He was a strong example of a man in my life. I emulated him.” With the encouragement of his grandfather, he graduated from Lincoln University in 1973 with degrees in economics and education and pursued employment in the corporate world. Shortly thereafter, in September 1976, he accepted Christ into his life and found himself called into the five-fold ministry. He also was active in the gospel music industry as a partner of Sweet Rain Records with an artist roster of hitmakers such as Hezekiah Walker, The Wilmington Chester Mass Choir, Bruce Parham and the Southeast Inspirational Choir. He accepted his calling and the mandate to “pastor and grow the Church” and was licensed in the ministry by Reverend H.R. Lusk of Greater Exodus Church in Philadelphia, PA, eventually being ordained by the Bethany Association in 1989.