Comcast Customers

On January 12, Comcast plans to take The Word Network away from millions of homes like yours. Don’t lose The Word Network. Take action now.

If you don’t want to lose The Word Network then you must act now. Switch from Comcast Xfinity and choose a provider that will continue to bring The Word Network to you. DIRECTV is available nationwide and continues to carry The Word Network. You don’t even need a satellite dish to get DIRECTV.

Call: 1-800-DIRECTV Click:

Q:     Why am I at risk of losing The Word Network?

A:     Comcast has notified us that on January 12, it plans to take The Word Network away from homes in many of its largest markets. The move will impact over 7 million families. Comcast has not asked these families if they are ok losing The Word Network. Comcast is not offering any type of compensation to families for taking away a network that means so much to them.

Q: How is this fair? Why is Comcast allowed to just take away this network?

A: It isn’t fair at all. You pay Comcast hard earned money for your cable subscription. Comcast shouldn’t just take away channels you value. But that is what’s happening. Unfortunately, there is nothing anyone can do to force Comcast to keep this channel. The only thing you as a consumer can do is switch to DIRECTV – which continues to carry The Word Network.

Q: Why would Comcast do this to its own customers?

A: We cannot speak for Comcast. But here is what we can tell you. First, this has nothing to do with money. The Word Network isn’t asking Comcast for a dime to carry our network, even though most other networks on the dial do get money. We also know that Comcast is talking a lot about its commitment to diversity and how it plans to launch African American oriented networks. So it seems like Comcast may be playing a shell game – taking away The Word Network with one hand, giving us a new African American network with the other hand. It seems like a cynical trick and it acts as if all African American networks are the same. You know better.

Q: Should I call Comcast to complain? Are there other ways to protest this?

A: We have tried. We organized protests. Pastors from across the land have called Comcast’s top executives to express their dismay. But it has fallen on deaf ears. The only thing that will get Comcast’s attention now is if viewers like you take your business to a provider that cares. DIRECTV carries The Word Network and it is available nationwide.    

Q: I have heard about Comcast dropping channels in the past. Is this the same situation?

A: No. This is totally different. When Comcast drops other netowrks, it is about money – the network demands more money than Comcast is willing to pay. That is NOT what’s happening here. The Word Network is not asking for any money at all.