Confession of Faith


Confession of Faith

I'm a child of God

And I'm blessed.

I'm blessed in the city

And I'm blessed in the fields.

I'm blessed going in,

And I'm blessed coming out.

And whatsoever,

My hands touch in Christ, shall prosper.

I'm prosperous in all things.

My family is prosperous, My health is prosperous.

My finances are prosperous, My job is prosperous.

My relationship with God, is prosperous.

I'm above only, and not beneath.

I'm the head and not the tail.

I'm more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus.

Because Greater is He that is in me,

Then He that is in the world.

No Weapon! No Weapon!

That is formed against me shall prosper.

Sickness and disease shall not prosper.

And any other weapon that Satan has,

Shall not prosper.

Satan, I serve you notice.

Your powers are useless, ineffective,

And inoperative in my life.

I decree it, I declare it.

In Jesus' name,

Thank God,


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