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Daughters are Diamonds

Daughters Are Diamonds

This program is purposed to raise awareness and resources to support local and global initiatives that rescues, restores and repositions girls who entangled in or have been impacted by sex trafficking. The goal is to see support organizations with the resources needed to make a measurable decrease in the numbers of girls who end up in sex trafficking and to empower those who have through proper rehabilitation.

-Passionately educate the general community about the devastating numbers and affects that the child/sex industry has on this generation and beyond.
-Develop fundraising campaigns and initiatives that will attract local, national and global attention and support for programs that ministers to girls who have been affected by the epidemic.
-Provide resources to assist girls with expenses for education and vocational training pursuits, that will prepare them for productive and profitable lifestyles.
-Recruit volunteers for organizations to assist with missions trips, counseling and other forms of direct involvement.
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